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The Power of Sankalpa

Being born in the human form is a blessing. Humans are endowed with rare qualities to help them discover their true Self. Sankalpa is one such attribute. The Blog will try to shed light on this powerful tool. 

What is Sankalpa? 

एकोहम बहुस्याम Ekoham Bahusyam

The Chandogya Upanishad mentions the Sankalpa of Brahman - I am one, I willed to become many.

The whole universe is supposed to be a sankalpa of the Supreme Being and we have been in some way given the capacity to make sankalpas – Sri M

The word “Sankalpa” is derived from the Sanskrit words “San,” which means a connection or union, and “Kalpa,” which refers to an intention or vow. Together, these two words form the essence of what a Sankalpa represents – a powerful statement of intent that connects us to our true desires and goals.

A Sankalpa is more than just a resolution or goal-setting exercise. it is an affirmation that aligns our thoughts, actions, and beliefs with our deepest aspirations. It is a desire backed by right intentions – that are focused, meditative, benevolent & inclusive.  

Sankalpa is the seed and the subconscious mind the sub soil. Once the seed is planted and followed by necessary action the universe helps overcome the obstacles and guides you towards its fulfilment. Faith and the combined energy of Guru - Shishya help in harnessing this powerful energy. 

Sankalpa & Mental Energy  

Swami Satyananda has said that sankalpa is a science. It is not a simple idea that I’d like something and if I do a little sadhana it will come about. In a sankalpa, the mental energy becomes stronger than matter; and with such a force you can achieve something that is virtually impossible to attain. 

Prana and Sankalpa 

When prana is dissipated, the mind is dissipated and the body is weak. Conversely when the prana is concentrated the mind is concentrated and the body is strong. Sankalpa is a tool for focusing the prana so it becomes like a laser beam. In this way you can work tirelessly with renewed strength and vigour. 

Prana literally means constant motion, and when we develop the power of resolve and will with the sankalpa our prana sets the mind and body in the constant motion of working towards realizing our life purpose. 

Sankalpa – An important tool in Yoga 

Sankalpa is an important tool in yoga. You should be aware of the underlying purpose and intention for each practice of yoga. For example, the sankalpa of the Gayatri Mantra is to enlighten the intellect, wisdom. The sankalpa of the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is for health and victory over death. The sankalpa of the thirty two names of Durga is happiness, and so on. Every mantra, ever asana, every pranayama, mudra, bandha, shatkarma, dharana and kriya all have their corresponding sankalpa. When you remain aware of your underlying intention every action is optimized and bears the desired fruit. 

Repeating your Sankalpa

Your sankalpa is a positive and concise statement. When you repeat your sankalpa, it should be as if all your mental and emotional energy, all your faith, all your sincerity and devotion have been concentrated into the form of a simple, positive statement. When you repeat it mentally to yourself, do so with full conviction that it will come true in your daily life.

The power of the sankalpa you have created can become such a mighty force that it may change the course of your destiny.

Shiva Sankalpam Suktam – Rig Vedic Hymn to harness the energy of the Mind

The energy of the mind needs to be harnessed to successfully accomplish a Sankalpa. In this context, chanting the Shiva Sankalpam Suktam is beneficial.  Sukta is a divine song. 

Shiva Sankalpa means right intention or having an auspicious resolve. The Shiva Sankalpa Sukta is a powerful six verse hymn from the Rig Veda. Theses verses provide the combination keys to open the locks that reveal the hidden treasures in our mind. 

Each of the 6 verses ends with the reminder to keep our mind always focused on good intentions. 

तन्मे मनः शिवसंकल्पमस्तु tan me manaḥ śiva-saṅkalpam astu

May my mind dwell on auspicious thoughts of ever increasing abidance in the Self and attain supremacy in all aspects

Chanting the six mantras of the Shiva Sankalpa every day, is a method to steady the mind. It is also a method to control one’s subconscious mind (the chitta), and the faculty of thought. 

(Those interested in this subject may read Power of the Supreme Mind, Siva Sankalpa Suktam – Commentary by Rajiv Kapur) 

Importance of Having a Sankalpa

Having a Sankalpa is essential for personal growth and transformation. It is a guiding principle that aligns your thoughts, actions, and intentions. By setting a Sankalpa, you are consciously directing the energy of your mind to manifest positive changes in your life.

A Sankalpa is an anchor that keeps us grounded and reminds us of our purpose.

In addition,  having a Sankalpa helps cultivate self-discipline and willpower. When faced with challenges or obstacles along our journey, the power of our intention can give us the strength to persevere. It is a constant reminder to stay committed even when things get tough.

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