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"A teacher should be a polished mirror. So that when one looks at it, they would see their actual reflection, not a distorted image.
Only when one sees the real picture, one can change. When one doesn't see the real picture, how does one change?"
-Sri M

Welcome Yoga Teacher's Training Course

Learn, Practice, Transform: Step into guiding yourself and other's through the path of Yoga



Rooted in the ancient Nath Yoga lineage.




 Integrating modern insights with classic techniques.




become a globally certified Yoga teacher.



Practical, simple approaches to yoga - on and off the mat

Welcome to BYK's Yoga TTC. Preparing your body and mind to ascend to spiritual health. Find your unique path in yoga with our comprehensive training that teaches 6+ yogic traditions. Experience ashram life and guru-shishya parampara, and learn yoga through yamas, niyamas, asanas, pranayama, mantra chanting, meditation and more.

Witness the transformation of your mind, body, and beyond – laying the perfect foundation for a consistent sadhana and for a career in Yoga

Program Overview: Level 1 and Level 2


Level 1 - Yoga Protocol Instructor
(200 Hours - 30 days)

There are many paths to Yoga or Union. Learn and practice them all to find what you resonate with. We take you through Ashtanga, Hatha, Bhakti, Karma, Jnana, and Raja Yoga. Learn about cleansing techniques - Shat Kriyas, Mantra chanting, Mudras, and Bandhas. Go deeper into this science with Yoga Nidra, scriptural study, Svadhyaaya, teaching methodology, Ayurveda, and yogic anatomy.


Level 2 - Yoga Wellness Instructor
(400 Hours - 60 days)

Deepen your knowledge and practice with advanced knowledge of all the topics in level 1 and more. Learn to chant bhagavat gita (15th chapter) and learn the basics of sanskrit. Immerse in a 4 day self-retreat at the sacred grove and learn hands-on with our yoga internship. Stand on the shoulders of giants - learning from the wisdom of many spiritual and yoga masters. A deep exploration into yoga and through yoga, yourself.

Want More Information? Download Our Brochure

For more information on syllabus, accommodation, testimonials, and to begin your transformative experience, kindly refer to the course brochures 

Meet Our Instructors

Our certified BYK of Yoga teachers will guide you every step of the way






Nikhil Verma

They are dedicated to nurturing your growth, bringing expertise and commitment to your yogic journey.


We Offer

✓ A serene yoga-shala for practice.

✓ Peaceful ashram life experience.

✓ Live in the campus following guru-shishya parampara

✓ An environment that fosters spiritual growth  

✓ Nutrious yogic food prepared with love

✓ Access to a  goshala and the kind residents

✓ A library curated with books on yoga and spirituality

✓ Places for silent contemplation.


✓  BYK Certification

✓  AYUSH Ministry Certification 


Upcoming TTC Program Dates

TTC level 2
Hybrid Batch

Online via Zoom, 
Residential @ TSF Madanappalle Campus

Date: Sep 01 - Oct 31, 2024

Refer to Brochure for schedule

Fee: INR 1,25,000 I  USD  1,650

TTC level 1
Hybrid Batch

Online via Zoom, 
Residential @ TSF Madanappalle Campus

Date : Feb 09 - Mar 15, 2025
Refer to Brochure for schedule

Fee: INR 73,500 | USD 1,000

TTC Level 1
Residential Batch

Location - TSF Campus, Madanappalle, AP, India

Date - 1 Dec -  30 Dec 2024
Refer to Brochure for schedule

Fee: INR 82,500 | USD 1,200

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