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Chitra Ganesh

Chitra has been trained and mentored under the esteemed guidance of Kalaimamani Mr. M.R. Chandrashekhar, a revered Yoga Guru and Secretary of the Bharat Yoga Sansthan, Tamilnadu Chapter. She holds an M.Sc in Yoga for Human Excellence, a Diploma in Yoga from the Indian School of Yoga, Chennai, and has acquired certifications in Hatha Yoga Sangraha from Madras Sanskrit College, Ayurveda for Yoga teachers by Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute and Research Center, and the Science of Well Being from Yale University. Her scholarly contributions include a paper on the usage of subtle tools of Yoga presented at the International Yoga conference hosted by Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai.

Chitra Ganesh

Chitra specializes in Yoga Philosophy, Raja Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation, Kids Yoga, Mindful Parenting through Yoga, Yoga for Youth, and Corporate Wellness programs. Her expertise reflects a deep understanding of yoga's transformative power across various demographics.

Rooted in the traditional Yoga styles of The Bihar School & Sivananda, Chitra's teaching is further enriched by the teachings of Sri M. Her classes are a blend of focus and fun, guiding students through asanas, yoga theory, and guided relaxation, encouraging self-study and a holistic view of yoga as a way of life. Her emphasis on form, alignment, movement, and breath extends beyond the physical aspects to foster a deeper understanding and connection with yoga.

For Chitra, yoga is the golden thread that weaves through the fabric of life, a sentiment echoed in Sri M's teachings on finding balance and moderation. She views yoga as a transformative journey, one that has allowed her to navigate life's changes with grace and resilience. Drawing from Sri M's insight, Chitra believes in the power of yoga to foster a deep connection with the self, enabling one to face challenges with a shifted perspective and embrace life's subtleties​.

Chitra's teaching philosophy centers on balance, nurturing, and support, fostering a conducive environment for learning and growth. With over a decade of experience teaching diverse groups, she emphasizes consistency, discipline, patience, and dedication. Her innovative teaching methods make learning enjoyable, integrating yoga with real-life examples to enrich daily living. As a founder of a yoga studio, a travel enthusiast, reader, writer, and music lover, she sees yoga as a unifying thread through all of life's aspects, offering tailored tools for each individual's journey.

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