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Nitya Bhatia

Nitya has a diverse educational background in yoga, having completed a Level 1 TTC from Bharat Yoga Vidya Kendra, a 50-hour Yin Yoga TTC from Yoga with Srinatha, Mysore, an Ashtanga Yoga Course with Yoga Alliance USA, and RYTT certification from Satyadhara Yogalife School, Indore. She also holds a Diploma in Yoga Wellness from the Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga.

Nitya Bhatia

Her areas of expertise include Traditional Hatha Yoga, Asana Alignment, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yoga for PCOS, and Yoga for stress management. Nitya's comprehensive training allows her to cater to a wide range of needs and preferences, offering specialized yoga practices for holistic well-being.

Nitya practices and teaches traditional Hatha Yoga postures, seamlessly integrating them with dynamic Ashtanga Vinyasa sequences. She also specializes in gentle and slow Yin postures for relaxation, providing a balanced approach to yoga that caters to both the body's need for movement and stillness.

Nitya interprets yoga as a reflection of life itself, seeing it as a mirror that, once cleansed of limitations, reveals our true potential. This understanding is in harmony with Sri M's teachings on effort, time, and grace. Yoga, for Nitya, extends beyond the mat, acting as a guiding light for living with mindfulness and purpose. She embraces yoga as a daily practice of self-discovery, aligning with Sri M's belief in the unexpected nature of grace and the importance of self-awareness on the spiritual journey​

Nitya's teaching philosophy emphasizes the balance between being patient and gentle with the body while also exploring and surpassing mental limitations. She believes in the importance of continuous learning and growth, advocating that the essence of yoga is not in achieving perfection in asanas but in the commitment to show up on the mat every day, embracing every part of the journey. "Nirantar Abhyasa (continuous practice) starts with you," she says, highlighting the importance of persistence and self-compassion in the practice of yoga.

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