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The Power of Hanuman Chalisa 

The Hanuman Chalisa has long been a source of inspiration and strength for many, often recited with devotion and faith. This revered devotional hymn is imbued with 'Beeja Mantras,' enhancing its potency. 
Each time we chant the Hanuman Chalisa, we reflect on the remarkable qualities of Sri Hanuman, Lord Rama’s most devoted follower. 

Hanuman Chalisa (Forty Chaupais) has been authored by Tulsidas in the Awadhi language in the 16th century. Dedicated to Lord Hanuman, Hanuman Chalisa is one of the best and most powerful ways to worship and revere Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is also known as Anjaneya or Maruti, he is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama, one of His names is also 'Sankaat Mochan' which means that He removes all kinds of troubles and dangers. By reciting Hanuman Chalisa regularly one is blessed with success, courage, intelligence, power and knowledge. 

Benefits of the Hanuman Chalisa  

  • It helps us overcome mental barriers, making us more efficient. 

  • It fills us with virtues and values essential for spiritual growth. 

  • It grants us the abilities needed for success, both spiritual and material. 

  • It brings success in our endeavors. 

  • It grants us peace of mind and happiness. 

  • It helps us overcome life's challenges. 

  • It aids seekers in practicing Brahmacharya or celibacy. 


Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa regularly can lead to spiritual transformation, making it a service to humanity. 



Doha 1: The Grace of the Guru 

Sri guru charana saroja raja, 

Nija mana mukuru sudhaari; 

Baranaun raghuvara vimala jasu, 

Jo daayaku phala chaari. 


With a serene mind, purified by the dust of my Guru’s lotus feet, I describe the unblemished glory of Sri Hanuman, who bestows the four Purusharthas on his devotees. 


We always seek the blessings of our Guru before starting any endeavor, for it is through their grace that we overcome our shortcomings. The Guru embodies all deities. 


The ego can taint even the noblest of efforts, acting like a cancer. To guard against this, we seek the Guru’s blessings. Humility is the antidote to ego, and devotees place themselves at the feet of their Guru. Even Lord Krishna meditated on the feet of saints and sages, hoping for their dust to bless him. 


Doha 2: Remover of All Afflictions 

Buddhi heena tanu jaanike, 

Sumirau pavana kumara; 

Bala buddhi vidyaa dehu mohin, 

Harahu kalesa bikaara. 


Knowing my ignorance, I pray to Sri Hanuman, son of the Wind-God, for strength, wisdom, and knowledge, and to banish all afflictions. Just as dust covers a mirror, impurities cloud our hearts. We pray to Hanuman to clear these impurities, revealing our inner strength, wisdom, and knowledge. 


Sensuality is a major affliction for humans. If removed, the 'mirror' clears, allowing us to reflect God. Even great figures faced criticism, but perhaps Hanuman alone was beyond reproach, for he acted only in Rama’s name. 


Chowpais 01 – 02: Victory to Hanuman! 

Jaya hanumaana jnaana guna saagara, 

Jaya kapisha tihu loka ujaagara; 

Raama doota atulita bala dhaamaa, 

Anjani putra pavana suta naamaa. 


Victory to you, Hanuman, ocean of knowledge and virtue! You are the envoy of Lord Rama, an abode of strength, son of Anjani, and known as Pavanasuta. 


Chowpais 03 – 04: His Magnetic Personality 

Mahaabeera bikrama bajarangee, 

Kumati nivaara sumati ke sangee; 

Kanchana barana biraaja suveshaa, 

Kaanana kundala kunchita keshaa. 


With a body as strong as a thunderbolt, you are a warrior of incomparable valor. Your golden glow, earrings, and curly hair are like attractive garments. 


Chowpais 05 – 06: Hanuman’s Ornaments 

Haatha bajra au dhvajaa biraajai, 

Kandhe moonja janeu saajai; 

Sankara suvana kesaree nandana 

Teja prataapa mahaa jaga vandana. 


You carry the thunderbolt and the flag, and wear the sacred thread made of munja grass. As the son of Shiva and Kesari, you are respected for your luster and valor. 


Chowpais 07 – 08: Hanuman’s Mission 

Vidyavaana gunee ati chaatura, Ram kaaja karibe ko aatura 

Prabhu charitra sunibe ko rasaayaa, Raama lakhan sita man basayaa. 


You are wise, virtuous, and highly skilled, eager to carry out Lord Rama’s tasks. Listening to the tales of Lord Rama gives you joy, and you dwell in the hearts of Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita. 


Hanuman embodies devotion to Lord Rama, radiating eagerness to serve. By focusing on divine service, Hanuman becomes a shining example of true devotion, inspiring us to immerse ourselves in God’s love. 


Chowpais 09 – 10: Overcoming Evil 

Sookshma roopa dhari siyahin dikhaavaa, 

Vikata roopa dhari lanka jaraavaa. 

Bheema roopa dhari asura samhaare, 

Raamchandra ke kaaj sanvaare. 


In a subtle form, you revealed yourself to Sita; in a fierce form, you burnt Lanka. In a formidable form, you destroyed demons and fulfilled Lord Rama's tasks. 


Hanuman displays his prowess in various forms, using his abilities to protect the righteous and annihilate evil. His fierce dedication inspires us to confront and overcome obstacles in our spiritual journey. 


Chowpais 11 – 12: Source of Protection 

Laaye sanjeevan lakhana jiyaaye, 

Sri raghuveera harashi ur laaye. 

Raghupati keenhi bahuta baraayi, 

Tum mama priya bharata hi sam bhaayi. 


You brought the life-saving herb and revived Lakshmana, delighting Lord Rama, who embraced you joyfully. Rama praised you, saying, “You are as dear to me as Bharata.” 


Hanuman's unwavering devotion and courage saved Lakshmana, earning him Lord Rama's heartfelt praise. His actions teach us the value of selfless service and loyalty, underscoring the deep bond between Hanuman and Lord Rama. 


Chowpais 13 – 14: Hanuman's Fame 

Sahas badana tumharo yash gaavein, 

Asa kahi shripati kanth lagaavein. 

Sankaadik brahmadi muneesa, 

Narada sarada sahita ahisa. 


With a thousand mouths, Lord Vishnu praises you and embraces you. Saints, sages, and gods, including Narada and Saraswati, join in singing your glory. 


Hanuman's virtues and deeds are celebrated throughout the cosmos. His fame, praised by even the greatest beings, serves as an inspiration for all to cultivate humility and devotion. 



Chowpais 15 – 16: The Liberator 

Yama kubera digpaala jahaate, 

Kavi kovida kahi sake kahan te. 

Tum upakaara sugreeva hi keenha, 

Raama milaaya raajapada deenha. 


Yama, Kubera, and other deities cannot express your greatness. You helped Sugriva meet Rama, restoring him to his throne. 


Hanuman's selfless acts benefit even kings, exemplifying his role as a liberator. His assistance to Sugriva teaches us the importance of helping others in need, reflecting true service. 


Chowpais 17 – 18: The Great Hero 

Tumharo mantra vibheeshan maana, 

Lankeshwara bhaye saba jaga jaana. 

Yuga sahasra yojana para bhaanu, 

Leelyo taahi madhura phala jaanu. 


Vibhishana followed your counsel and became the King of Lanka, known throughout the world. You leapt across a thousand yojanas and swallowed the sun, thinking it a sweet fruit. 


Hanuman’s wisdom and heroism are evident in his actions. He not only aided Vibhishana in achieving his rightful place but also displayed immense courage and strength by reaching for the sun. 


Chowpais 19 – 20: Hanuman's Power 

Prabhu mudrika meli mukha maahin, 

Jaladhi laanghi gaye acharaja naahin. 

Durgama kaaja jagata ke jete, 

Sugama anugraha tumhare tete. 


With Lord Rama’s ring in your mouth, you leapt across the ocean; this was no wonder. All difficult tasks in this world become easy with your grace. 


Hanuman's strength and devotion allowed him to accomplish the impossible. His actions reassure us that, with devotion and divine grace, we can overcome any challenge. 


Chowpais 21 – 22: Hanuman's Grace 

Raama duvaare tum rakhawaare, 

Hoata na aagya binu paisaare. 

Sab sukha lahai tumhari saranaa, 

Tuma rakshaka kaahu ko darnaa. 


You are the guardian at Rama’s door, and none may enter without your consent. All happiness comes from seeking your shelter, for who can fear when you are the protector? 


Hanuman, as the protector, offers security and joy to those who seek refuge in him. His grace provides comfort, demonstrating that with his protection, there is nothing to fear. 



Chowpais 23 – 24: Hanuman’s Assistance 

Aapan teja samharo aapai, Teeno loka haanka te kaanpai. 

Bhoot pisaacha nikata nahin aavai, Mahabira jaba naam sunaavai. 


With your own brilliance, you guard yourself, and all three worlds tremble when you roar. Ghosts and evil spirits do not come near when the great hero's name is uttered. 


Hanuman’s strength and brilliance protect him, and even supernatural entities are afraid of him. His name alone is a shield, dispelling evil and negativity. 


Chowpais 25 – 26: Hanuman’s Role in Healing 

Naasai roga hare saba peera, Japat nirantara hanumata beera. 

Sankat te hanumana chhudavai, Mana krama bachana dhyana jo lavai. 


Reciting Hanuman’s name constantly destroys diseases and removes all suffering. Hanuman saves from troubles those who meditate on him in thought, word, and deed. 


Hanuman is a source of healing and comfort, alleviating both physical and emotional pain. By focusing on him with sincere devotion, one can overcome difficulties and attain peace. 


Chowpais 27 – 28: Hanuman’s Blessings 

Sub par raama tapasvee raaja, Tin ke kaaja sakala tuma saaja. 

Aur manoratha jo koi lavai, Sohi amita jeevana phala paavai. 


Lord Rama is the supreme ascetic, and you accomplished all his tasks. Whoever brings their desires to you obtains limitless fruit in this life. 


Hanuman’s devotion to Lord Rama earned him divine blessings. Those who seek his assistance are rewarded with boundless rewards, both spiritually and materially. 


Chowpais 29 – 30: Hanuman’s Virtue 

Chaaron yuga parataapa tumhaaraa, Hai parasiddha jagata ujiyaaraa. 

Saadha santa ke tuma rakhavaare, Asura nikandana raama dulaare. 


Your glory spans all four ages and is celebrated throughout the world. You are the protector of saints and sages, the destroyer of demons, and Lord Rama’s beloved. 


Hanuman’s virtue shines brightly across time, as he protects the righteous and eradicates evil. His unwavering devotion to Lord Rama endears him to all. 


Chowpais 31 – 32: Hanuman’s Strength 

Ashta siddhi nav nidhi ke daataa, Asa vara deena jaanakee maataa. 

Raama rasaayana tumhare paasaa, Sadaa raho raghupati ke daasaa. 


You bestow the eight supernatural powers and the nine treasures, as Mother Sita granted you. The elixir of Lord Rama's love is yours, and you remain forever his faithful servant. 


Hanuman possesses divine gifts, generously shared with his devotees. His unwavering devotion to Lord Rama serves as an inspiration to all who seek spiritual fulfillment. 


Chowpais 33 – 34: Hanuman’s Devotion 

Tumhare bhajana raama ko paavai, Janma janma ke dukha bisaraavai. 

Anta kaala raghupati pura jaayi, Jahaan janma hari-bhakta kahayi. 


Through your worship, one attains Lord Rama and forgets the sorrows of many lifetimes. At life’s end, one goes to Lord Rama’s abode and is reborn as a devoted servant of God. 


Hanuman’s worship brings liberation and eternal joy, guiding devotees to Lord Rama’s presence. His devotion offers a path to transcendence and eternal service to the Divine. 


Chowpais 35 – 36: Hanuman’s Grace 

Aur devataa chitta na dharai, Hanumata seyi sarba sukha karai. 

Sankata katai mite saba peeraa, Jo sumirai hanumata balabeera. 


No other deity dwells in the mind; all happiness comes from Hanuman alone. All troubles vanish and all pains end for those who remember the mighty Hanuman. 


Hanuman’s grace brings unparalleled joy and removes all suffering. His devotees experience profound peace and happiness, sustained by their unwavering faith. 


Doha: Final Benediction 

Jai jai jai hanumaana gosaaee, Kripaa karaahu gurudeva kee naaee. 

Jo shata baara paatha kara koi, Chhootahi bandi maha sukha hoi. 


Victory, victory, victory to Lord Hanuman! Please show your mercy as our revered Guru. Whoever recites this a hundred times is freed from bondage and enjoys great happiness. 


Doha: Concluding Prayer 

Jo yaha padhe hanumaana chalisaa, Hoya siddhi saakhee gaurisaa. 

Tulasidaasa sadaa hari cherhaa, Keejai naatha hridaya maha derhaa. 


Whoever reads this Hanuman Chalisa will achieve success, as Lord Shiva himself witnesses. Tulsidas, ever the servant of the Lord, prays to Hanuman to reside in his heart. 

Download the whole 40 verses with meaning:

Hanuman Chalisa Whole
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